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Weienchen Technology provides component and SMT chip processing services for Baixin-Loongson III


Weienchen Technology is a high-quality service provider of Shanxi Baixin. In 2015, it established a cooperative relationship with Jingbang Electronics to provide component and SMT chip processing services.


Shanxi Baixin Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, sales of independent controllable information security products and providing overall information security solutions. It is built in the "National Torch Plan Taiyuan Information Security Featured Industrial Base", Established under the background of "military-civilian integration and development", it aims to build a leading domestic comprehensive provider of independent and controllable information security products, information security consulting and related services, and overall information security solutions. The main product of Shanxi Baixin is an independent controllable information server motherboard. The server motherboard adopts the "Loongson III" 2.0HZ main frequency CPU developed by Beijing Zhongke Loongson. Shanxi Baixin is also my country's first self-developed computer company.


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