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What is the reason for the unrounded tin on SMT chip processing?

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  What is the reason for the unrounded tin on SMT chip processing?(图1)

  In the SMT patch processing of circuit boards, welding and tinning is a key stage, which is related to the performance indicators of the circuit board and the appearance of the design. The common spot welding tin is not round, which will immediately harm the quality of SMTSMT chip processing. Below, the editor of Shenzhen Zhongke Circuit Board Factory will introduce in detail the reason why the spot welding of the SMT patch processing of the circuit board factory is not round.

  The key reasons why the tin on the spot welding of the SMT patch processing of the circuit board factory is not round:

  1. The amount of solder paste at the spot welding position is insufficient, resulting in unrounded tin and gaps;

  2. The expansion rate of the flux in the flux paste is too high, and cracks are very likely to occur;

  3. The wetting performance of the flux in the flux paste is not very good, and cannot exceed the very good tin requirements;

  4. The PCB circuit board pads or SMD welding positions have relatively serious air oxidation conditions, which endangers the actual effect of tinning;

  5. The specificity of the flux in the flux paste is insufficient, and it is not possible to remove the air oxidation chemicals from the PCB circuit board pads or the SMD welding position;

  6. If the tin on part of the spot welding is not round, the reason will be that the red glue cannot be sufficiently mixed before application, and the flux and tin powder cannot be sufficiently combined;

  7. The heating time is too long or the heating temperature is too high when passing through the reflow oven, resulting in the ineffectiveness of the specificity of the flux in the flux paste.

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